Contest file format

This is the specification of the contest description. A contest is a directory that is structured this way:

+-- turingarena.yaml
+-- task1/
+-- task2/
+-- task3/
|     ...
+-- files/
      +-- home.html
      +-- img/
      +-- ...

All the directories except the one starting with _ or ., and the files/ directory, are treated as task, whose ID is the directory name. Thus to disable a task you can rename the directory as _task/

The turingarena.yaml file is structured this way:

title: Very big contest
start: 2020-01-05T14:00:00Z # if not present the contest starts immediately
end: 2020-01-05T18:00:00Z   # if not present the contest runs forever
  - id: alerighi
    name: Alessandro Righi
    token: xyejhfdyyujd
  - id: cairomassimo
    name: Massimo Cairo
    token: jfkldyyjjkjk

The ID of the contest is the name of the directory in which the turingarena.yaml is located. To change the contest id, simply rename the directory.

This file is named turingarena.yaml to let you share a contest directory with a CMS contest, making it compatible with both systems. A contest.yaml file is simply ignored.

To convert a Italy YAML contest.yaml file to a TuringArena turingarena.yaml you can use the command:

turingarena convert

inside the contest directory. A new file turingarena.yaml will be created.

To import a task, simply launch:

turingarena import [--fresh]

from inside the contest directory. TuringArena will search for a turingarena.yaml in the parents directory if not found, so you can launch the command also from inside a task directory.

The improt command will update the if it already exists, unless the --fresh option is specified: in that case the contest will be dropped and reimported from scratch, deleting all submissions and data.

To export a contest, to port it to other machines, you can use the command:

turingarena export <contest id> [--submissions]

The contest will be exported to a directory named with the ID of the contest. The option --submissions will also export the submissions in the directory _submissions/.

To delete a contest permanently, use the command:

turingarena drop <contest id>