Create algorithmic challenges!

TuringArena is a toolkit to define challenges which require an algorithmic solution, and to automatically test the code of solutions.


  • Writing a solution should require no usage of low-level primitives, not even reading/writing from a file or stdin/stdout.

  • Defining a problem should require a knowledge as similar as possible to that required for writing solutions.

  • A challenge may involve two or more solutions at the same time, written by different people, that can be evaluated together or against each other.

  • Many programming languages should be supported, both for defining problems and for writing solutions, allowing different languages to inter-operate during the evaluation. (Say, a problem written in python can be used to test a solution written in C, two solutions written in C and Java can be evaluated against each other, etc.)


Differently from other solutions, TuringArena is designed as a "library" instead of a "framework". This means that a challenge defined with TuringArena has the complete control on the process of evaluation, and can make use of any subset of the tools provided by TuringArena.