A submission is a collection of fields. Each field is identified by a field name and is mapped to a submission file.

Field names

Field names are ASCII strings, which must:

  • contain only
    • lowercase letters (a-z),
    • numbers (0-9),
    • underscores (_);
  • start with a letter;
  • be unique inside a submission (they are associated to a single value).

Submission files

A submission file is a regular file (i.e., an array of bytes) in an unspecified format. Besides the file content, a submission file also specifies a filename.

The directory components of the filename, if any, should not be taken into account in evaluators.


The format of submissions is chosen so that it maps naturally to HTML forms, and the multipart/form-data content type in HTTP requests, for Web based APIs. (See Web/Submissions for more info.)