Submission evaluation CLI

Submission Evaluation CLI is a set of conventions, useful to specify submissions and receive evaluations using a Command Line Interface.


A submission field can be specified on a command line as a string (either a positional argument or the argument of an option) with the following syntax:

[ submission_name '/' ] field_name ( ':' path | '=' value )
  • submission_name is used to identify a submission (say, if multiple submissions are provided).
  • field_name is the name of the field.
  • path is the path of the submission file
  • value is the content of the submission file (if provided, a temporary file is created with the given content).

Examples source_language=c++
a/ b/


The separator : is used for paths, since bash seems to auto-complete paths after : is encountered.

Positional arguments

A list of submission files can be also specified directly as positional arguments, as long as their paths do not contain : nor `='. Submission files given as positional arguments are mapped to field names taken from a list of default field names.

The list of default field names can depend on the program. By default, it contains only one name: source.


A command line tool can output an evaluation by printing its event stream to stdout, in JSON Lines ( format.